Canadian politics is about to get a lot more glamourous and a lot gayer. When the Canadian Alliance Party chooses a new leader on March 8, my name will be on the ballot and my 100% Great Legsā„¢ will be on the national stage. But I need your vote and your financial support to win this race and reform the Canadian Alliance!

Last November I campaigned to become Toronto’s new mayor. I worked hard and brought attention to issues that were being ignored. I wanted to show that a Supermodel can do anything, and that no matter what someone wears, she or he has the right to participate in local government. Well, now it’s time to show the world that a Supermodel can bring glamour, dignity and tolerance to the Canadian Alliance Party.

No, I don’t agree with many of the current policies of the Canadian Alliance Party. They have not been supportive of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans community in Canada. But I can see they desperately need my help, and as leader I can fix the party from within to make it a more inclusive and representative national party. And surely a Supermodel can make the Canadian Alliance take notice of our community and its strengths.

But even a Supermodel can’t win a leadership race alone. I’ve assembled a crack team of advisors, but I need your help, too. First I’m asking you to become a member of the Canadian Alliance Party, if only to vote for me in the leadership race, and second, I’m asking for financial support for my campaign.

Let’s reform the Canadian Alliance. Click on the link below and fill out the form to make a donation to my election campaign and to register as a party member. We will sign you up and send you an email to confirm your registration. Please donate to my campaign today – the Canadian Alliance, and our community, desperately needs a Supermodel on top!

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