Holistic Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage – 60 min – $80
Experience the natural healing benefit of essential oils derived from flowers and herbs. Aromatherapy massage stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and tissue regenerative power while relaxing the body and revitalizing the skin tone.
Aromatherapy massage may assist in:
– Emotional stress
– Stimulation of lymphatic system
– Increase of energy levels
– Relaxation
Hot stone Massage – 60 min – $85
A unique combination of full body massage and heated Basalt volcanic stones. The warmth of the natural stones penetrates the muscles to release tension and stress, creating harmony and positive energy flow.
Hot stone massage can benefit the body with:
– Muscular stiffness
– Joint pain
– Joint mobility
– Fibromyalgia
– Increased circulation
Rhythm Massage – 60 min – $85
Rhythm massage is known for its energetic properties. When experienced, the stimulation can help releive lethargy and chronic fatigue. Rhythm Massage improves the flow of blood, which will aid in poor circulation.
Your therapist will use a variety of percussion movements such as rocking techniques, plucking and vibrating movements to increase blood flow and stimulate and invigorate the body.

African Stem – 60 min – $85
Similar to hot stone – this massage uses an aromatic heated muslin parcel of herbs and spices to work out tensions and muscle aches. This therapy was originally used on war-weary soldiers returning from battle and is ideal for bruises, pain, and inflammation. It opens the pores and brings a medicinal heat to the muscles to induce relaxation.
Shiza – 60 min – $85
The Shiza massage incorporates movements to relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and preventing muscle cramps. This massage will also make muscle more flexible by working through muscle tone.
Your therapist will work with you to stretch and pull your tendons to strengthen and increase flexibility. At Enza, we take special care not to push your body farther then it is willing to go and we will customize the angles and amount of pressure to suit your needs. However, this massage is not suited to every person and is designed for those who lead a very active lifestyle.
Chakra Balance Massage – 60 min – $95
Feeling out of sorts? The Chakra massage combines a soothing massage and chakra balancing to realign and centre your energies. An experience not to be missed!
Shadow Massage (Four hand massage) – 60 min – $115
Indulge yourself with a relaxation Massage. This therapy contains two therapists, massaging in tune with each other, alleviating any sore muscles, and providing the ultimate experience for relaxation.
Hot Oil Anti-Stress Scalp & Neck Treatment – 40 min – $50
This treatment is used to revitalize your hair and bring life back to your tired and over worked scalp. This therapy will help re-energize you hair follicles encouraging your hair growth. While also relaxing the tense muscles of your neck with an invigoration massage.

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